Cookie Policy

Our website makes use of cookies to record user sessions and is essential for our e-commerce services.

If a user subsequently registers with us, we link previous and subsequent activities on to the current and future purchases. We only use the data collected for e-commerce functionality and for internal reports to monitor how our content is viewed and used along with its relative popularity. This allows us to make constant improvements for all of our website users.

Because the protocol used to access websites (HTTP) is stateless, our website needs to use cookies to identify and record the preferences you make during the use of our website. No personal information is stored in the cookies that are issued by the web site and the cookie will not be viewable by any other website (provided your browser does not contain flaws that allow this). To permanently disable cookies please follow the documentation that was provided with your web site browser application. Most have built-in help files that will show you a step by step guide to disable cookies.

When a website "sets a cookie" all the web server is does is returning a small, unique piece of text to your browser, along with the content that was requested. At no point can the Powertoolspares web server control what your computer does with this text - the storage mechanism and location is totally dependant on the user's web browser. Usually your web browser will allow you to specify where cookies are stored and will often have buttons to delete or view the cookies.